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Eventos académicos internacionales sobre Estética y Filosofía del arte 2016

17-20 junio 2016
On Ugliness (and other aesthetic monsters)
Ascea, Italia

The negative – whether in judgements of the ugly, experiences of the derelict, or sensations of the revolting – is a phenomenon that is often unacknowledged in the philosophical literature. Are such features properly to be called aesthetic? Are they qualities of objects, forms of judgement, or types of experiences? The 6th Wassard Elea international symposium is dedicated to the precise mapping and conceptualization of the ugly and its kind.

Wassard Elea Refugium for writers, artists, composers, and scholars in Southern Italy
Página Web: http://wassardelea.blogspot.com

24-29 julio 2016
The 20th International Congress of Aesthetics "Aesthetics and Mass Culture"
Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea

Conferencistas principales:
Noël Carroll (City University of New York)
Gunter Gebauer (Freie Universität Berlin)
Sasaki Ken-Ichi (University of Tokyo)
Vittorio Hösle (University of Notre Dame)
Dominic …